Scud 4 color tee shirt


 Drywall color tee shirt





   Four colors on a white tee - pistol packin' fashion for the fan about the house. Ideal for smoking, jogging, listening to records.    Attractive red tee featuring Scud's sidekick in a full action pose. Entice members of the opposite sex, or the same sex if you prefer. Strictly outrageous. A party stopper.

 Scud Yellow tee shirt


 Black and White La Cosa Nostroid shirt





   Out-fan the Scud fans by BECOMING a disposable assassin. Polysteroid yellow adorned with official heartbreaker logo and WARNING panel on the back. Fool your friends. They deserve it. I hate them.    Command attention and respect. Affiliate yourself with the future of organized crime. Defeat and control bullies in seconds. "You talkin' to me?" Yes. I'm a catalog.

 Black and White Scud tee shirt


White Drywall Shirt





   Beat the cold in heat-absorbent onyx. Stark white on deep black for the young and young at heart. Looks great while driving, attending rock 'n' roll concerts.  

Unassuming white cotton makes a statement with a battle-ready image of Scud's zippered sidekick. Actual shirt is larger than illustration.


Orange Oswald T-shirt 





       This garment says "yes" without saying "please." Seering orange fabric is complemented by green death in the guise of a metal rabbit. Banned in shampoo labs and most of Ireland.


Doug Tenapel's Gear T-Shirt

Just a damn fine item, what else can be said? If you havn't got you don't get it.


Dead Alewives Stuff 

Incredible Items, Barely Legal

Our collector's edition TRADING CARD should be called a keeping card. Why? Figure it out. $1.00


Take Scud's official warning panel and stick it. Order our portable, decorative ATTENTION STICKER. Today. $1.00