Issue 14:

Drywall and Oswald attempt to rescue Scud from the clutches of Voodoo Ben Franklin. During the battle, Oswald is flushed into the sea, where he becomes alluring zombie shark-bait. Drywall is frozen by the notorious X-mas. It's all part of Voodoo Ben's plan. Ben is in the employ of the hell-bound System (see Drywall: Unzipped!), who wishes to enslave Scud's nemesis, Jeff. The story is finally revealed: Jeff is one of Heaven's apocalyptic horsemen, who's prophecy was rudely interrupted by Scud in issue 1. With Armageddon in its forestalled state, the forces of Hell, now in System's control, have opted to bring Jeff to their side before the first punch is thrown. Jeff is extracted from Drywall as the unfortunate Scud remains paralyzed by Ben's Voodoo doll. Meanwhile, Sussudio, while in possession of the doll, must fight her way through a zombie army. It helps to have a Scud Lite machine on hand. Written by Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon. Illustrated by Rob Schrab.

FIRST APPEARANCE: The newest product from Scudco's assembly lines, Scud Lites don't kill--they just beat the crap out of you. Rather than self-destructing after they eliminate a target, Scud Lites blow up when the timer on their back runs out.