Issue 13:

The winner of the Mr. Tough Guy Competition is Force Majeur, but not for long-- Majeur removes his mask to reveal that he's a she. Sussudio. The femme fatale apprehends our disposable hero through the use of a Voodoo doll, courtesy of the very alive Ben Franklin. Voodoo Ben has hired Sussudio to capture Scud, but he doesn't feel like paying her, so Sussudio must contend with a zombie horde while Scud is taken to Ben's underwater lair. Written by Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon. Illustrated by Rob Schrab.

FIRST APPEARANCE: Voodoo Ben is back for the first time since his "death" in issue 5. System, Drywall's over-efficient brother, actually debuted in this issue, before his appearance in Drywall: Unzipped!