Issue 3:

Scud fights through guard dogs, laser rifles and cyberapes to escape the Mark Goodson prison. It helps that Warden Jack Jones fries his contempt meter by shooting him through the palm with a laser. This is the controversial "Christ complex" issue. Nothing pisses off your parents more than an insane cartoon robot thinking he's Jesus.

Escaping into the desert, Scud runs afoul of the macho-drunk Grittites, terrorists that worship manliness and unneccessary explosions (see Geof Webber's Grittite homepage). The Grittites employ Scud to help them free their leader from the Mark Goodson prison, only to realize later that their leader, Barry Polipooey, is the prisoner Scud executed in issue 2. Written by Rob Schrab and Mondy Carter. Illustrated by Rob Schrab.

This issue is out of print, but is contained in our first trade paperback, HEAVY 3PO.